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Boss Capital Broker

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Binary Options Review, Binary Options Trading, Secrets of Success, Tips and Advices |


Boss Capital is another great presentation by the group who has presented Redwood Options and TradeRush in the past. It works on the Same TechFinancials platform which is used by many other brokers as well. But the effortless and smooth functionality of this platform, along with a number of other features has made it one of the fastest growing binary options trading platform in the market.

Located in Gibraltar, London, it was launched in the year 2014. Even though it has only existed since a couple of years, it has been able to conform to the fairness guidelines laid by the FBO. Let us start talking about the things that actually matter.

Information about Deposits

You can begin trading with your Boss Capital account with a minimum investment of $/ €/£200. However, you can place a trade as small as $/€/£10. The platform also offers multiple deposit options, like credit card, debit card, wire transfer or electronic transfer. Opening an account with Boss Capital is an extremely easy and quick process and you can open your account and start trading on the same day. Moreover, there are more than 150 trading assets offered by Boss Capitals.

Information about Bonuses

One of the best features of Boss Capitals is the handsome bonus it offers based on the account package you choose. Let us have a detailed look at the account packages and bonuses offered-

Standard Account- Deposit of $200 and access to educational resources;

Bronze Account- Deposits of $1,000 and above, welcome bonus of 20%;

Silver Account- Deposits of $4,000 and above, welcome bonus of 40%;

Gold Account- Deposits of $5,000 and above, welcome bonus of 65%;

VIP Account- Deposits of $100,000, contact their corporate division to know more about the bonuses.

Apart from the bonuses, you also get expedited withdrawals, customer service in 10 languages, educational  resources, personal managers, webinars, increased fixed payout and some risk-free trades that start from the silver account.

Information about Option Types

Touch, Boundary, No Touch, High/Low, Pairs, 3 or 60 Second. The average payout offered by Boss Capital is 85% and the average reward for out of money trades is 0 to 15%.

Customer Service

Boss Capital is known for its customer service. While the 27 x 7 customer service is only available for the customers who have upper tier account packages, they are very much responsive for all their customers. They also have a live chat feature on their website, which is highly responsive as well. While many other brokers also advertise such services, the ones offered by Boss Capital actually works and this makes them stand apart from the crowd.

Stock Indicators with 3D Market Graph and Bar Graphs


Boss Capital is undoubtedly above the average brokers due to the multiple features and effortless functionality. With such a vast range of investments, minimum deposit amounts, educational resources and abundance of bonuses, an account with Boss Capital is ideal for both large and small investor who is new to trading. Moreover, their flawless customer service further adds a feather to their crown and brings in a sense of great relief when the customer knows that they can get help whenever they want.

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Touch and No Touch Options

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Binary Options Review, Binary Options Trading |

Binary trading is a popular concept of trade all over the world, and new features are added to it as it develops over the years. Touch and No Touch options are a type of options for trading on binary platforms, offered by many brokers, such as Banc de Binary and other brokers present on the market either since the beginning of binary trading or since recently. It is a relatively common concept nowadays, used by many brokers and available for trading on many platforms.

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When trading these options, there are predefined rates you will need so that the trade is won. With Touch/No Touch binary options, the trader has two choices, like with all other binary options. He needs to predict whether there will be a rising or fall of the price in comparison to the current value, but in addition to that, he must also determine the exact level the price will reach. This is why trading these options is slightly more difficult than trading Call/Put options, where you should only predict whether the price will rise or fall. The trader chooses the level which he predicts that the asset will reach, and then he should choose Touch if he believes that the asset WILL reach that level, or No Touch if he thinks that the price will NOT REACH that level. There is also an alternative of Double Touch available on some platforms, which is more likely help the trader gain profit, because it allows setting two predicted levels of the price and the trade ends in the money if the price reaches any of the predetermined levels.

review-of-binary-uno-education-center-5-638One of the easiest and the safest way to trade Touch/No Touch Options is to combine them with resistance and support levels. If you see that the underlying asset would need to break through a strong resistance or support level to reach the level determined by the No Touch option, you can be sure that it is very unlikely to happen. Unfortunately, it rarely happens that resistance and support levels are well established when trading Touch/No Touch Options. It is especially difficult to determine price levels if you trade on several markets and with different assets at the same time.

51When trading Touch/No Touch Options, it is advisable to use smaller time frame, because the prices will be closer to the moving averages and you may get more trading opportunities. Usually, a 15 minute expiration time is used.

4_1_touchMany traders also trade these options when there is low trading volume on the market. The reason is that prices to move less dramatically during these periods and they are closer to the moving averages, which makes the trading safer. For example, if you trade currencies, this is the time when the main markets of both currencies from the pair are closed. For example, a currency pair for European currencies (EUR/GBP) will have a lower volume during the night if you trade in Europe. If you trade stocks, the volume of trade is also lower during late hours.

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Risk management basics for binary trading

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Binary Options Review |

Trading binary options is a feature available to everyone, but it certainly is not meant for everyone. It is not important whether you have traded before or what is your previous education, but it is necessary that you are willing to learn, monitor the market, develop trading strategies and learn to accept the losses. No matter how good you are in binary trading, or how good you are going to become when you set your mind to it, the losses happen even to the best ones. It is, therefore, important to develop a risk management strategy, in order to avoid losses as much as possible, or at least to minimize them when they are bound to happen.

41Keep in mind that different trading styles require different rules for managing risk. Before developing your risk management strategy, ask yourself what type of trader you are. Are you willing to invest large amounts of money with high risks of losing, do you invest smaller amounts on less risky trades, or are you somewhere in between? It is important to place yourself somewhere on this scale that measures average investment and risk level of your trades. However, no matter where you belong, it is a general rule that you never risk more than 5% of the overall finds on your account, whether is Master Card or American Express.

binary-tradingBuy low sell high strategy is one of the old trading strategies, but it relies on good logic and some traders still prefer to use it. It is based on calling an asset when the price is on the fall, because it is not likely to fall any further, it can only rise. Similarly, you should “put” an option when the price is on the rise, because it will most likely not rise further. It is not easy to stick with this strategy, because it requires monitoring the market carefully and being able to conclude what is the maximum possible price to which the asset will raise or the minimum price to which it will fall. It is usually used by more experienced traders.

binary-options-scamsHedging strategy is a very popular strategy, suitable for the novice traders as well as for the experienced ones. It consists of calling and putting the same option, because, to put it simply, one of the two possible choices is certainly to be the right one. For example, if you predict that the price will rise, you invest the money and call an option. After that, you monitor the market, and then put another option with a shorter expiry time, by setting the amount of money invested based on whether the asset still seems like rising in price, or you believe it is going to fall after all.

Rollover and early exit feature are available with many brokers, and the latter is known by different names (for example, “buy me out” feature with Porter Finance). Rollover feature allows the trader to expand the expiration time of the asset if it does not look favorable as the expiration approaches. On the other hand, early exit allows closing the position before the asset’s expiration and thus preventing the losses if the asset’s price is going the opposite direction of the one you predicted.

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How to increase success in ladder binary options

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Binary Options Review |

There are many different binary brokers online, and all of them offer a platform with standard Call/Put options, but there are some other types of binary options offered by different brokers on smaller or larger extent.  One of the relatively new types of binary options is ladder trading, which is still not provided by many brokers, but you can find it on the platform of Porter Finance, for instance. Ladder option is used by traders as a part of s strategy. Their profits are in a way locked-in in a certain position as the price rises or falls further. This is why the term “ladder” is used – the prices are defined in advance by the trader and they are perceived as ladder steps which the trader must climb in order to gain profit.

331With ladder options, the trader is supposed to set several price levels (the most common number is three) and they are spread around the certain time periods, in the same intervals. Each “ladder step” will have a certain expiration time, and after one price reaches expiration point, the trade climbs further on the ladder and the next value is traded. The price can be either rising or falling. The trader gains profit as the price reaches the first predicted level, then the next, and all the way to the last. With each level, the payout percentage is on the. If you reach only the first level, the payout is around 25%, but if you reach the last level of predetermined value, you may expect higher payout.

3322Ladder trading is more risky than other options, and it requires a skillful and experienced trader who knows how to analyze the market. Since the time period is usually longer for these options (around one day in most cases), forecast for these options needs to be made for a longer period of time in order to succeed in trading.

Correct assessment of risk is also crucial for success in ladder trading. Since this kind of trading is usually set for longer periods, it is important that you trade the assets which are not unpredictable in change and which do not change a lot over short periods of time. Also, do not trade in the conditions of high market volatility, since the predictability is very low in those conditions even for the short-term trades, and it is even more difficult for the longer ones such as ladder trading.

333With ladder trading you cannot use binary signals, because they are created only for Call/Put options and they are designed to be placed for trades with shorter expiration time. Keep that in mind when trading ladder options, and instead of using ready-made predictions, learn how to make the predictions yourself. Even though binary options are generally a simple concept, with ladder trading, in order to reach the highest value and the highest payout, it is advised to be already experienced not only in trading, but in market analysis as well.

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Boundary options

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Binary Options Review |

Even if you are new to binary options trading, you surely already know about Call/Put or High/Low options, which are the most common options, traded on binary platforms and offered by every broker there is. However, with the development and growing popularity of binary trading, many new concepts of binary options keep appearing and becoming widely used among traders. One of these concepts is Boundary Options, also known as Tunnel Options, or Range Options, as they are often called by veterans of binary trading.

21Boundary options are still not offered by many brokers, but for instance, you can find them with binary trading pioneer, Banc de Binary. They are usually used by more experienced traders who are in pursuit of higher returns than those provided by call/Put options. The principle of Boundary Options is simple as it is the case with Call/Put options, but the strategy behind the decision and the market analysis are much more complex. This is why Boundary Trading requires more skillful traders than standard Call/Put Options.

22The principle of Boundary trading is as follows: the broker determines a range of a certain asset’s price within a particular time period and it is displayed on the chart. The trader is supposed to choose which asset to trade, how much money to invest in the trade and decide whether the price will finish inside or outside the price range determined by the broker. There are two alternatives to be chosen: you can trade an Inside Boundary Option, which means that you predict that the price will stay within the range determined by the broker, and an Outside Boundary Option, which predicts that will price will fall out of the predetermined range. If you, for example, choose to trade and Inside Boundary Option and the price stays within the boundaries upon expiration, you will receive a payout. However, if the price falls out of the boundaries, you lose your investment.

23Boundary Options can have an expiration period from 30 minutes up to 24 hours, or even more, depending on the broker. The returns are usually very high with this type of trading, since the risk is high as well. If you are a beginner in this type of trading, it is advisable that you trade Boundary Options with shorter expiry time and choose the underlying assets which are not unpredictable and extreme in price change, such as stocks or commodities. In this case, the return will be the same as with Call/Put options, but it will serve as a good opportunity to practice this method of trading and develop a strategy. As you become more advanced, you may switch to longer expiry times and riskier trades, since the return can reach as much as 300%. Most of the brokers also offer a demo account, and make sure to also take this opportunity to practice before you start trading with real money involved. All demo accounts, since they are the same as real trading platforms, should offer Boundary Options as well (if they are offered on the real platform), so use the demo account to practice trading this type of options if you are planning to make profit from them in the future.

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Amazing success of Porter Finance

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Binary Options Review |

         Trading with binary options can be done through various websites and broker houses and most of them offer high quality services and have a long tradition in this business. They are renowned for their impeccable history and have strong integrity so traders trust them unconditionally. However, some companies are not that old and they still manage to have trust of the clients and to provide them with the best possible trading experience. One of those new broker houses is called “Porter Finance” and this article will try to explore those elements that made this company one of the best brokers in the world when it comes to trading in binary options.

porter_airlines1             Amazing success of this company started only a year ago, since it was 2014 when Running Forest Partners LTD decided to start this new broker, and probably even they didn’t expect such huge rise in popularity and large numbers of registered accounts. Immediately upon arrival on the global trading market, Porter Finance attracted traders from all over the world and people seemed to be fascinated by the features of this young enterprise. American citizens in particular were attracted to this website since they do not have access to a lot of good brokers, and this was the perfect opportunity for them to experience trading with binary options in a safe and reliable environment.Porter2 Because of some conflicting laws and regulations, traders from United States are not allowed to participate in the trades that are conducted on the websites of the brokers that are regulated by renowned regulatory bodies, like CySEC and MiFID for example. Lucky for them, “Porter Finance” is still not regulated by those agencies and therefore nothing prevents it from accepting traders from American territory.

            This fact was greatly influential in the fast rise of this company, since this large and wealthy market contributed a lot to the expansion of the client’s base and the overall growing of “Porter Finance”. porter1Apart from Americans, “Porter Finance” also accepts traders from all over the world and all other countries are welcomed. However, people would not come to this website if it wasn’t good, and oral recommendations and positive reviews in the media largely help in spreading the word about this broker, and this is also very important element in the success of this company. Marketing campaign is beneficial, but in the end – without a good product it is worthless. “Porter Finance” has started a project with modern features and of the highest quality and this is a decisive factor in the whole story about its success. People look for a product with good features and large selection of services with affordable prices, and this is something that this broker delivers. Experts behind this broker house know very well what an average trader with binary options needs from his or her broker, and they try their best to make that happen with “Porter Finance” and to satisfy even the most demanding of customers. Since they have recorded such staggering success it is evident that “Porter Finance” is doing things in the right way.

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